This process is the most important part of our job.
before weaving, all the yarns must be in equal tension and
smooth wrapped in spools. With our high-technologied machines
we can create the warp many different yarns like
cotton, polyester, polyamid, polyprophilen.
Second process weaving is a method of
our production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are
interlaced at right angles to form our webbings and bindings.
Finishing is an indispensable part of textile processing.
There are some different steps of finishing which changes
to their using areas. Especially for smoothed webbings
we always use this process for our elastic bands and technical bands.
Before we sent our goods to all around the world
we roll our webbings and bindings in different measurements like
25 mt. 50 mt. 75 mt. and 100 mt.
this process is the last part of our production.
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