Get To Know Meram Closely

Meram Dar Dokuma manufactoring narrow woven and webbing products since 1968.
Meram has been serving webbing, narrow woven bands, elastic bands and knitted bands to shoe, slippers, bed & sitting
groups, belts, home-textile, sport bag & saddlery sectors from 2mm to 35cm with 480.000 mt/day capacity.

Meram continously developing its products and its quality and efficiency levels. As on experienced webbing
manufacturer, we now offer also promotional webbings and special printed webbings to different areas.

1968; Meram begins its business activity with the first factory in İstanbul, Bayrampaşa..

1997; Meram builds its new factory located in Arnavutköy and has moved in its new modern production
facilities built on 3500 m2 equipped with state of technology..

2002-2003; Meram webbings gets positive feedbacks from customers in every part of country and neighbor
countries. Company do not stop searching and development activity for new elastic webbing durability by
joining international and local exhibitions every year.

Now..Meram perform sale activities 30 countires in worldwide.

We Have A Network Of Customers From All Over The World.

It’s a step ahead of your expectations in the field of narrow weaving..

We have been producing quality for you since 1968. With the trust we receive from you, we export to 30 countries without compromising our quality.. It’s always better together..